Welcome to the Village of Tide Head, our friendly community on the north shore of the Province of New Brunswick.
We are close to nature and are surrounded by wildlife and vegetation.
We have great hiking trails in the summer and we are a big part of the snowmobile world in the winter.

The world famous Restigouche River is at our door and Tide Head Beach has become a traditional canoe stop for those running the river.

Come and enjoy the good nature that we have to offer.

Snowmobiling becomes a popular activity on the NB Trail from December 15th to May 15th, linking up with trails throughout the Province.

A natural unsupervised swimming beach area exists within the village on the Restigouche River and Christopher Brook. Canoes may be launched here.

Popular scenic picnic areas exist at Christopher Brook on the NB Trail and at Morrissey Rock Park.

The later is situated over the only rail tunnel in the Maritimes and is actively used by rail traffic. This site provides a scenic view of the Restigouche River and surrounding islands.

The NB section of the International Appalachian Trail is at Tide Head on Highway 11.

This trail is hiked by international and local hikers and follows the NB Trail to St Quentin and then on to Mont Katahdin in Maine.

Our outdoor no-fee skating rink situated near the Village Hall also features a heated building and canteen for skaters and young hockey enthusiasts.

The adjacent sliding hill is very popular with young folks. Snowshoes and sliding tubes are available.

Sanfar Cabins & Country Kettle Dining Room is popular for its cabins and fine restaurant

Tide Head is a local trails sponsor of the NB Trails Inc., the unmotorized Provincial Trail System.

The Tide Head trail commences at the Boom Road and follows the rail line to the centre of the Village where it becomes a sidewalk trail until it recommences on Restigouche Drive and follows the former International Railroad Line for 2 ½ miles to Christopher Bridge.

This later trail winds its way through the forest along Christopher Brook and is considered one of NB Trails most scenic hike.
Birds and wildlife abound and it becomes breathtakingly beautiful during the fall colors with the maples interspersed with cedar, poplar, balsam fir, and tamarack.